About Faculty of Civil Engineering

Today’s Faculty of Civil Engineering is the largest structural subdivision of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. The Faculty is directly involved in the University’s activity while shaping technical and general culture of our country’s society, educating an individual and the public, and, ultimately, creating material well-being. Its role is to develop and communicate scientific knowledge, as well as to prepare diplomate specialists for the most essential contemporary and future activity fields in our country and abroad.

Apart from being the largest VGTU faculty, the Faculty of Civil Engineering is the second largest faculty in Europe (the first largest faculty is analogous faculty of Technical University in Prague).

This honorable position commits the Faculty to do its best even more. It has become natural that the Faculty has been continuously taking an obvious leading position in the annual assessment of scientific production (assessment of scientific and study publications, high quality scientific journals, etc.).

Time and again scientific works of the Faculty have been acknowledged by state awards and prizes, whereas lectors and scientists of the faculty have been selected as members of study academies in many different countries.

Highlight of the Faculty

A project brought together the very best specialists

Results of the project “Establishment of Simulation Training Centre for Construction and Real Estate Specialists” which took place at VGTU were presented on 1 March. The project, which brought together the very best specialists from VGTU, Lithuanian Real Estate Development Association, Lithuanian Builders Association and Lithuanian Association of Consulting Companies, resulted in development of simulating practical training system, which was also introduced at University of Salford. 



A short video about Civil Engineering in VGTU